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What Is IntradayAFL Charting System?

            Nifty Future, Bank Nifty Future, Nifty Options, MCX, NCDEX, Currency Real Time Buy Sell Signals Chart. IntradayAFL Charting System installed & activated on your PC for lifetime. This system generates automatic buy sell signals for the stock you want. You can select any stock of NSE (Cash+FnO), MCX, NCDEX, Currency. Signals are generated after analysis of past & realtime data of the stock. So it requires a data feeder for past & live market of the stocks you want to watch. This realtime data does not come free as providers need to pay respective exchanges. Some providers charge 500/month for realtime data of all Indian stock markets. We are not realtime data provider. But we will guide you to set up and choose the best provider at best available price. So, your expenditure will be 5000/- one time payment.Then you need not to pay anything for 01 month. Next month onwards you need to pay only for realtime data. It will cost only 500/month, 2500/6 months, 4500/12 months.

How To Get It Installed?
           Soon after the payment submit the subscription form on SUBSCRIBE page. Payment can be done online by using credit, debit card or net banking. Also you can pay by direct transfer or cash/cheque deposit. As soon as payment gets confirmed, we will mail you links to download the system. Then we will fix an online appointment at your preferred time. Now through Ammy Admin system will be installed and activated on your PC. Also detailed operation of the system will be shown online. Whole process will take 20-30 minutes. Then you will be ready to trade following our signals and make huge profit everyday.
Do We Provide demo?

             Demo or trial installation is not provided. We run the system on our PC & broadcast live images from it. At present images of NSE FnO are broadcasted. Once subscribed you can watch any number of stocks in the system. Watching these live images is free to understand the accuracy of the system. These images get updated every 30 seconds so you need not to refresh the page. Subscribers will get continuous charts as the system will be running on their PC.

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Special Offer

For Limited Time

Rs 5000/-
  • Life Time Validity
  • Remote Installation @ Activation
  • Online Product Operation Demo
  • 01 PC/Laptop Activation
  • Future Online Support Whenever Required
  • Future Up Gradation Free Whenever Available

Pay Now

Credit/debit cards & net banking payments accepted

About Us

All the professional and institutional traders use Technical Analysis Software to trade. Amibroker is wolds best. A person without technical knowledge of Amibroker can not predict movement by just using it. We just simplified the whole thing. Now you do not require any technical knowledge to trade like professionals. We developed a formula for Amibroker combining all technical analysis. It will tell you when to buy and sell with target and stop loss.This AFL is the transformation of most successful trading strategies into a formula on which Amibroker gives highly accurate Buy/Sell Signals during trading hours.

How It Works?

It is highly accurate, as all the signals generated purely after solid technical analysis within the software. Rarely it can generate reverse signal at cost to cost during wild market movement. Follow only the Buy & Sell signals generated on chart automatically. Watch sample video and pictures carefully for accurate Buy & Sell signals on NSE or Commodity, Cash & Futures Segment Intraday or Positional Trading. This formula gives clear Buy, Target & Stop Loss on screen. No special knowledge required on analysis or software. Just follow the signals on chart and make every trading day profitable.

Requirements To Start





  1. Internet connection with min 10-15 kbps speed.
  2. PC with very basic configurations.
  3. After subscription, complete Set Up Files will be mailed to you.
  4. You just need to download them.
  5. IntradayAFL System will be installed and activated by us.
  6. You will be shown operating procedure in detail.